Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Technology erodes Freedom

Experts warn that data gathering and surveillance pose grave threat to liberty. MPs are to launch an enquiry into the Government's growing use of surveillance measures such as CCTV cameras, DNA databases and the proposed ID cards scheme. This is in response to a report from the Information Commissioner's Office that warned the UK risked "sleepwalking into a surveillance society". Meanwhile, the plan for national electronic patient records, at the heart of the NHS National Programme, has also taken a step forward which will see patients' clinical records uploaded to be held on a national database. I have already written to my GP asking him not to transfer my medical records to any database, and if you don't want yours likewise, then visit the No2ID website, where a standard letter can be printed off to send to your very afraid-Big Brother is watching you!!! scroll down page and click on link Inquiry-surveillance

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old and angry said...

Thanks for the Link Rob,
printed out and sent to my local doctor.
You might write an article about this important issue for the "Gazette".

Or maybe start a new thread on the forum to publicise this important matter.