Friday, 18 May 2007

MPs vote to keep information from us

What do you think of today's decision by MPs to keep information from us? This surely is not going to get through the Lords? We should all write to our MPs (I have already), to show our disgust at such a move. Take a read of this, and follow link.

LIB DEM MPs fail in FREEDOM OF INFORMATION battle as controversial bill passes
An attempt by Liberal Democrat MPs and others to defeat a Bill which seeks to exempt MPs and Peers from the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, was defeated by an alliance of Conservative and Labour MPs today. The Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill, a private member's bill, introduced by David Maclean, a Conservative MP, passed its third reading shortly before 2.30pm and will now pass to the House of Lords, where it is likely to face a tough time. Yesterday Menzies Campbell wrote to Gordon Brown calling on him to publicly oppose the bill. Sir Menzies also wrote to Liberal Democrat members urging them to lobby their MP against the bill.
This has been a shameful day for the House of Commons - MPs should set an example of open government, not apply it to everybody but ourselves. David Maclean’s Bill and the way it has got through the Commons will clearly diminish respect for Parliament. But the battle will go on and hopefully the Lords will deliver us from this terrible mistake. I hope the public will make their views very clear to the MPs who supported the Bill and to the next Prime Minister that this is absolutely the wrong direction for open, accountable government. (Hughes) [Report on today’s debate] [Release - Campbell letter]
Click here to read the debate on Hansard and see who voted which way. In the first division those voting 'Aye' were voting to curtail debate and speed the Bill through.