Sunday, 10 June 2007

Losing Your Liberty?

TAKING LIBERTIES - at a cinema near YOU
On June 8th, a new film charting the erosion of basic rights and freedoms since 1997 will hit cinemas across the country. NO2ID were involved in this thought-provoking feature-length examination of this government's attack on civil liberties from early in its production, and our briefings on the ID scheme have been used as the basis for some stunning animation sequences and a hard-hitting section on ID cards*. Viewers are encouraged to join the NO2ID campaign at the end of the film.At present, 'Taking Liberties' has only limited distribution - details at We encourage you to see the film and take friends along too, and if it isn't showing in a cinema near you to write to the manager and ask him/her to screen it. We've lobbied MPs and peers, but in this case every successful letter will help bring this powerful and timely message to a wider audience. The 'Taking Liberties' production team tell us that at least two cinemas have agreed to screen the film in the last week or so, purely as a result of being written to. You *can* make a difference.

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