Sunday, 25 November 2007

Millions at Risk

As one of the many innocent victims of this outrageous calamity, can we really trust ANY Government or its Agencies with our personal Data and identities? I believe the answer is a resounding NO!

CALL TO ACTION: SCRAP THE ID SCHEME NOW! With the scandal around the HMRC Child Benefit data breach intensifying, even some sceptical Labour MPs are calling for a (temporary) halt to the ID cards scheme. This is not enough. MPs of all parties should be calling for the immediate and permanent scrapping of the Home Office's 'identity management' programme.Not just the card, not just the database, but also the mass 'data-sharing' that lies at the heart of government ID policy. Please take the time this weekend or sooner to write to your MP via asking that he or she demand an immediate and permanent stop to all development of ID cards and a National Identity Register. If you don't already know his or her position, you can check how your MP voted on the ID cards legislation at polite, be concise and make your points clearly. The following may help you, but please DON'T just cut & paste:Having shown such contempt for personal privacy and security, the government simply cannot be trusted with all the information that the National Identity Register will demand. Fingerprints, and a detailed record of all your ID-verified transactions is data that has NEVER been collected before, counter to some MPs' claims that "we have it all already".The HMRC data scandal clearly demonstrates the fallacy of "nothing to hide, nothing to fear". It is bad enough that the government can't look after families' financial details - if allowed to proceed, in a few short years the Home Office will be leaking or losing people's complete identity records. And the more data it has, the worse it will get.Contrary to government assertion, biometrics WILL NOT secure your official record - but they will make it more valuable to fraudsters and organised crime. If the government really locked your ID record with your fingerprint, it would have to ask you every time that any official wanted to look at your information. This is plainly not the intention - and when breaches do happen, you won't be able to change your fingers like you can an account number.

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old and angry said...

Well said Rob!
For your readers who are worried about this massive breach of security, they can write here,to try and get some answers

Child Benefit Office Complaints Handling Team
Waterview Park
Mandarin Way
Tyne and Wear
NE38 8QG

Better still , join the NO2ID lobby group here.