Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Cllr Rob Broadley gets blogging

A few times in my career as a Councillor I've been told to Blogger Off. Or something like that. Well, here we go. I strongly believe that all our councils should be at the service of the people who elect them and pay hard-earned money over to them in Council taxes. I also believe you have a right to know what is being said, done and the arguments that are being had in your name. A few years ago, it wouldn't be possible for a Councillor to communicate so quickly and directly with you, nor for you to contact me, alert me to local problems and give feedback. I'd have had to put it in a Focus and shove it through your letterbox (don't worry, we're not giving up on those...), meet you in Baxtergate or wait for Tuesday or Friday's Whitby Gazette.

Now I'm a cyber-Councillor, bookmark this blog and check in regularly to see what's going on in the Council chambers in Whitby, Scarborough and Northallerton and how I think it affects Whitby.

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old and angry said...

Well done Mr.Broadley, i find i can get more information from Blogger than the glossy self congratulatory publications churned out by the Council, North Yorks Police etc, etc,

Tell it like it is!!
Warts an' all!