Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Council reorganisation: what's best for Whitby?

The government is looking at reorganising councils in North Yorkshire, and what happens will affect the way services are delivered in Whitby. North Yorkshire County Council has proposed that we become a unitary authority, which means that Scarborough Borough Council will be abolished and their functions taken over by a newly created Council. Feedback from London is that the Government likes the idea, and have proposed a public consultation between now and July. If you have any thoughts or fears, now is the time to make your voice heard.

I want your views on whether you want things to stay the same or whether the Borough Council should be abolished and a new County-wide authority take its place. I'll provide links to documents (you should also be able to see them in Whitby Library) so that you can read and make an informed decision. SBC and the other distict councils are paying MORI £35,000 to do an opinion poll - I also would like your opinions, either for or against which I can publish (no names mentioned) when the consultation is finished. I'm open to feedback on your thoughts, either in comments or use the email link on the left. You can also read the Local Government document at The County Council webpage about the proposed reorganisation is here.

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old and angry said...

I like the idea of Scarborough Borough Council being abolished, and responsibilities being transferred to a "Unitary Authority"

As long as they ARE abolished,and not just given another name, which perpetuates another level of beaurocracy.

Whitby people and councillors would be able to lobby directly,and perhaps have their voices heard, unlike the present situation where Scarborough seem to have an agenda to "keep Whitby down"