Monday, 7 May 2007

All change at Town Hall?

No doubt you will have read or heard about the loss of overall control at Scarborough Town Hall. Will this be good or bad news for the Borough? Only time will tell. Can 23 Conservatives work with a couple of Greens to administer the running of our services? After all, their new slogan is 'Vote Blue, Go Green' ! Later in the week the public will get to know that the offer of power sharing was declined by our increased Liberal Democrat group, following an inaugural meeting of newly-elected councillors yesterday, 6 May. For information to those out there who think anyone can be 'bought' with offers of cabinet places, well think again! In the past, so-called 'Independents' have crossed the floor after being given places in the cabinet, and in so doing have given overall control to the Conservatives. It will be interesting to see how many (if any) will do so again. Personally, had we joined in a power-sharing deal I was to be offered a place in the cabinet with Portfolio for Harbours, a position I did not accept 3 years' ago by the previous Leader of the Council. It is a position I would have been pleased to accept had we been more successful at the Ballot Box! Ce la Vie!

1 comment:

old and angry said...

Well done for not "taking the shilling" and selling out!.

Just a shame your party didn't do better,and the cabinet job would have been yours,until, that is, the unitary authority kicks in.

Never mind though, as you say, c'est la vie!