Thursday, 3 May 2007

How was Democracy for you Today?

Polling Day. Did you find your Polling Station, or didn't you bother? Did your vote count? Tomorrow (Friday 4 May), the results of local elections will be made public. How will the outcome compare with Scottish local government elections, who are using the Single Transferable Vote for the first time? Why can't this government (any government) introduce STV in English local elections? Because they are afraid of true Democracy, and the power of the people. Take a peek at :

3 May 2007. An important day for democracy ... and for the electoral reform movement. People in Scotland will be voting today for their local councillors using Single Transferable Vote. A first on the UK mainland. Scottish voters: remember to vote 1,2,3 etc for your choice of councillors, and savour that moment. For a straightforward explanation and animation of how STV works – as a voter and at the count – see

If you have a vote – and, outside of London, almost everywhere else has elections today – use it. We will be closely following all the election counts and results; looking both for examples of democracy flourishing and democracy failing. You can follow our progress throughout the night and during Friday by logging onto our website and blog


old and angry said...

I voted.
Whether or not it does any good.we shall see.
It's only a wonder these days i didn't have to jump through hoops or throw a double six in order to exercise my right to vote.

Peter Mc said...

Hey Rob, congratulations on your re-election: top of the poll, great reward for all your hard work.