Sunday, 8 July 2007

Virus hits web browser

Sorry to all out there for not posting for a month - my web browser was hit by a virus, and I could not get onto the internet at all. Back in business!


old and angry said...

Good to see you are back Rob!
And i trust you have installed a good Anti-Virus program.
Don't forget the Data-miners, data-trackers and associated spyware though,get yourself Ad-Aware free for home use.It catches lots of the blighters.
There is also a very good free program available from the Computeractive website,called :- System mechanic 6. ( Absolutely free, i have had it a month, it gets all the broken shortcuts, ghost DLL Files (dynamic link library)and generally helps to speed up your PC, whilst making it more secure)You must "play" with it to realise it's full potential.
I look forward to more posts and local political insight

Peter Mc said...

Here's my advice:
1. Copy all important files to a removable hard drive, format hard drive to delete anything which may be sensitive.
2. Unplug your PC, load into Rover, drive to Boulby Cliff.
3. Hurl PC off cliff top swearing terrible oaths as it's useless carcass arc out towards the north sea, let gravity do the rest.
4. Buy a Mac Mini (or iMac, or MacBook) and enjoy secure virus free computing.
5. Plant a couple of trees to assuage you conscience for polluting the Sea.