Monday, 24 September 2007

Back again following huge problems with the blogg, viruses etc.
Trying to catch up with events is going to take some time, especially as I am working away for the time being. I will be dealing with enquiries remotely from work, and personally when I get home.
Does anyone out there believe we will be having a snap General Election soon? Will Gordon risk his future to get the country's support following Tony's departure? Will he call our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan?
Closer to home, will Whitby get the marina finished and at what cost? Political shennanigans where councillors are all trying to claim credit for coming to Whitby's rescue! Sometimes I get embarassed just watching it all unfold. The town council is getting worse - I reckon for what it's worth, we could do away with it! It's nothing but a talking shop, especially now that unitary council is not going to happen.

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old and angry said...

Good to see you back Rob,
keep up the good work