Friday, 23 November 2007

New Footpath planned for Green Lane

Following my requests for a section of footpath needed on Green Lane, (as mentioned in one of my Focuses), North Yorkshire County Council have budgeted for this to be built. Hopefully, permission will be granted for this scheme to go ahead - this has been needed for many years - when people will no longer have to walk on the road, exposing themselves to danger by passing vehicles.


old and angry said...

Another, somewhat belated success, congratulations.
I wonder who to contact to get a pavement constructed between Ruswarp and Sleights.
Life and limb are risked for those foolish to walk this road

jgh said...

Hurrah! Well done. I trekked up Green Lane in the pouring rain in June thinking "where's the pavement" all the time while jumping out of the way of cars.