Friday, 23 November 2007

New Bus Shelter at East Whitby School

Following 2 years of requests for a bus shelter at East Whitby School, Rob has been told that it should be in place before the end of this financial year, which might be as late as next March. I was disappointed that it would not be built in time for this winter, with students and young children having to wait for their buses in a very exposed area outside the school. I hope this will be welcomed by all those who rely on buses to get them to college and work at Scarborough.

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old and angry said...

Good to see you back posting Rob!!
Mind you, make sure that when they finally get around to building the shelter, one of those "No smoking" signs are stuck on in a prominent place.
Can't have the little darlings exercising freedom of thought,can we.
They must be reminded that it is a criminal offence to smoke in this bus shelter.
"By order of the Labour Party!"