Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tories and Labour Vote for More Councillors’ Allowances

Liberal Democrat councillors at North Yorkshire County Council today were alone in opposing more allowances for councillors.
The Tory-run council voted at its meeting today to start paying allowances to two “Member Champions”. Previously these “Champions” have never been paid.
From next year the Council’s “Champion for Older Persons” and the “Champion for Young Persons” will each receive £4,518 per year. This is in addition to their basic allowance of £8,772.
Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Bill Hoult (from Knaresborough) said:
“Once again Tory and Labour councillors combined to vote to use Council Tax payers’ money on a barmy idea. Councillors are elected to serve all the people in their own wards and we object to the Tory leadership trying to appoint “placemen” who will interfere with the role they were elected to do”

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old and angry said...

Welcome to the gravy train.
In my next life i must become a politician