Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tory Lack of Courage Over Post Offices

Liberal Democrat councillors at North Yorkshire County Council accused the ruling Conservatives of a lack of courage over post office closures.
The Post Office has proposed closure of 22 post offices in the county, with a further 18 becoming "outreach" offices, offering much more limited services.
In February 2007 the Lib Dems proposed a motion which would have committed the Council to opposing any further closures of post offices in North Yorkshire.
However, Tory and Labour councillors let the Government off the hook by supporting a Conservative amendment which watered down the motion to say that the Council "opposes any further closures without alternative appropriate provision being made."
Lib Dem County councillor Rob Broadley commenting on these proposals, which Liberal Democrats have been warning people about, said:
"These closures will be a disaster for many communities, especially for elderly and vulnerable residents who rely on their local post offices for essential services. In my County Division of Whitby/Streonshalh we have already lost one in Fishburn Park, with Helredale earmarked for closure.
When the Conservatives were last in Government, 3,500 post offices closed. Labour have already closed 4,000, and another 2,500 are set to close.
Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill is now asking people to make their voice heard and object to the closures. But if he had spoken up more effectively for our communities in the first place we might not be in this situation now."
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