Thursday, 19 April 2007

Elections, 3 May, 2007

Will your vote count at election time? Will it make a difference, or not? Do you really care? Whatever your answer, you might find some interesting stuff on the Make Votes Count website, a non-political organisation dedicated to electoral reform. If you believe that it's time to change the system it's well worth a look, and sign the online petition while you're there.


old and angry said...

Good Link, thanks Rob,
I signed up!
When a man can reach the position of the most senior judge in the UK,and his only claim to fame is that he once shared a flat with our dear leader,it's time for change.
His was a political appointment,without a vote cast in his favour

Harry Basset said...

Take your point about voting but aren't we voting on 3rd May?

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder most people dont vote because they have no choice.
No one can say 'if my first choice does not get elected then my 2nd choice should be....Bring on some form of transferable vote or in other words..proportional representation.

old and angry said...

Whatever happens, please use your vote,hopefully to vote out of office this cancer amongst us called "Labour".

We have Unfettered Immigration.
Pension schemes ruined.
An inadequate Home Office.
Police have become Social Workers.
Jails full to bursting point,and far too slow building more.
The NHS ruined.
Yobs rule the streets.
Damn Cameras everywhere.
Taxes higher than ever,and waster on politically corect schemes.
An English Parliament dominated by Scots.
A Prime Minister about to sell us out to Europe.

Vote them out or watch our country disintegrate....
Start at the Local Elections, then get the rest of the arrogant mob out at General Election time

Harry Basset said...

Old and angry.

I agree with you except there is no English parliament. We only have the UK parliamented which is dominated by Scots. The English get to pay for goodies for Scotland and Wales.