Saturday, 21 April 2007

Leader of Scarborough Borough Council Hits Back

Councillor Tom Fox, leader of SBC hit back at the Chief Executive of NYCC John Marsden through the letters column of Scarborough Evening News on 19 April. In it, Cllr Fox bleats about job losses, lack of investment, poorer local involvement and closure of public buildings. If you remember 1974, when SBC took over the running of this borough, that is what Whitby has experienced without letup. Things are so bad now, that the electorate in East Whitby have to walk, taxi or cadge a lift to their polling station at the Tourist Information Centre. I challenged SBC 4 years ago about this, and again most recently that people, especially the elderly and infirm should not have to go so far simply to exercise their democratic right to vote. The reply (following a personal ticking off from Jim Dillon, SBC's CEO) was they can use postal votes! My response was that most people like to make their mark on a ballot paper in secret, and that a mobile polling station should have been provided. This is a direct result of SBC selling off almost every public building in Whitby, and the sooner we are rid of this Rotten Borough, the better!

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old and angry said...

The sooner SBC is disbanded the better!
Chief executives who reply to a genuine concern, by threatening job losses, doom and gloom, fear and pestilence, have lost sight of the fact that they are there to serve the public, they are not our masters.!!
The sooner this guy and his ilk are purged the better