Monday, 16 April 2007

N.Y.M.N.P. will 'Choke Whitby'

Traffic chaos in Whitby is something we're all used to - but we're sick of it! And it could get worse - much worse! North Yorks Moors National Park are very much against the proposed 'Park and Ride' site to be located on the Park's edge on the outskirts of Whitby. A planning application is to be submitted, possibly by the end of April on land that does not belong to the council, and which the land owner does not want to sell! It seems that planning officers on the National Park are going to recommend refusal, as they do not want it spoiling the landscape. What will happen to Whitby if this does not go ahead? Where will drivers park? Is it right that another planning authority can dictate what is good for it - but bad for us?

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Peter Mc said...

Another reason why planning powers should be removed from the National Park. The first is that they are not elected, and if people are in a position to make decisions over our lives we should be in a position to vote them out if they do it badly. The National Parks are a hangover from 1950s big state socialism and need very serious reform.