Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Government's Number Crunching

Here are a few figures for you to think about (courtesy of No1182) and where our tax pounds go :
  • £15bn cost to pension funds of Gordon Brown's 1997 "raid" up to 2001
  • £20bn cost to pension funds of companies' contributions holidays up to 2001
  • +25% Increase in public investment in science announced by Gordon Brown in the budget
  • -35% Cuts to science funding announced by the DTI in February
  • £2.3bn Initial quote for the NHS IT programme, now estimated at £12.4bn
  • £2.3bn Initial quote for the Olympics, now estimated at £9.3bn

1 comment:

old and angry said...

Just examples of Mr. Brown's financial mismanagement.
Who really expects anything the dead hand of Labour touches to be anything other than a catastrophe.

They forgot to mention Mr.Brown ordering the sale of half the nation's gold reserves,when the market price was rock bottom!

The sooner this devious lot are removed from power the better,and then let us start the process of extracting ourselves from the European "Project"