Sunday, 29 April 2007

Whitby Beach Management Centre Lash-Up

Has anyone out there taken a look at Whitby's 'New Beach Management Centre'? It's taken almost 2 years to complete - and what a sight! The building won't last 5 minutes in a severe storm, especially like the one a couple of months ago. The exposed pipework and wooden cladding are prime targets for vandals, too. It was supposed to be open for Easter, which it wasn't, and the contractor had to draft in more men to make up for lost time (time spent doing nothing for months). More taxpayers money being wasted again - and no doubt more to put things right. Hopefully, I might get some answers at tomorrow's council meeting, 30 April. Take a look at the video link showing storm damage to beach huts.

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old and angry said...

Can't help but agree with you Rob,
It doesn't look that substantial.

Sadly, it is as much at risk from the vandals as it is by the weather.

On the subject of vandals....

Strange, is'nt it, The police issue dire warnings to the peaceful Goths about glasses outside of Pubs. ( They meant the Elsinore, but lacked the bottle to say so )Yet every issue of the Whitby Gazette is packed with "end of column fillers" regarding local crime and vandalism, and the compulsary police appeal for witnesses, yet......i never seem to read much about vandals being caught and prosecuted.

But then again,if the yobs get away with it, i expect some database somewhere records a reduction in crime figures,
Despite the truth of it!